What’s the material the dolls are made of?
The material used to made your sex doll is a special blend of high quality silicone and or TPE. To achieve the realistic look, we implemented a real skeletal structure and extremely soft skin coverage. To compliment that, we’ve added more softness and realistic lifelike feel to touch of the doll’s breasts and skin. Made with a unique blend of high grade silicone. The high-qualaty silicone is very durable.
Do the dolls look the same as the ones on the website?
The dolls photos we display in our website are true photos from warehouse stock models. None of our photos that are uploaded on our website have been photo-shopped. Each doll is unique and is tailored to its clients preferences. Although the dolls we are selling most likely will be the exact same as on the photo’s you’re view when purchasing that specific doll. You can rest assured that our dolls are true to their descriptions. Please ensure prior to your purchase that you are happy with your doll of choice before placing your order..
Are there any extras that come with the doll?
Yes, we add a few bonus goodies to each package. You receive: Hair wig, underwear/lingerie outfit (random), cleaning device, medical gloves, blanket and polished finger nails (color may be random) Instructions Handbook.
Is there any difference between removable vagina and realistic one?
Yes, both are slightly different. The removable vagina could be easily removed from the doll, making it easy to clean after use. The material, used for the removable vagina is high quality durable elastomer. This makes the vagina aesthetic, delicate and truly realistic. The realistic vagina is not removable. We highly recommend using water-based lubricant to reduce any possible friction of the outer lip.
How can I pay?
Paypal (no Paypal account needed) or Use your Credit Card directly (Square option). If you would like to use a different payment method, send us a message via Contact tab. We will send instructions on paying via bank transfer, check, money order or cashiers check (this option may delay order processing time).
Hygiene. Is it possible to give my doll a bath?
Yes, it is possible to give your doll a bath, as long as you don’t place it underwater or expose its joint portions of the body to contact with water. We recommend wet towel (with water) if your doll has miner contamination and detergent or body soap, if it’s heavily contaminated.
How durable is the doll’s Silicone?
Easy love Sex Dolls are made with a unique blend of high grade silicone.. Passing extensive tests has proven that the silicone is very durable, you can use over and over again for a long time. Take extra care when transporting or storing your sex doll. To avoid any damages, such as contraction or expansion, you should avoid long term exposure of physical pressure. Store in a cool dry place.
How do you pack the doll upon delivery?
We make sure each doll is well and safely packed. We place the doll into a steady double reinforced cardboard or wooden box, lying downwards inside of it. Its hands and feet are packed in a protective film. We guarantee that your doll will be handled with care safely, discreetly and securely to your doorstep.
What’s the package size? (weight & height)
At most, our dolls come packed into 160 x 70 x 40cm boxes with a total weight of approx 47kg. If you order a smaller doll, the package and weight will generally be smaller and lighter.
Will the courier know what it’s inside the box?
No. We take our clients’ privacy very seriously. We ensure you a full discretion shall be applied in the process of shipping and delivery of your doll. The courier company, or the courier employee himself do not know what’s inside the box. Depending on your location, we will either use FedEx, UPS or DHL. Occasionally we use TNT as well. We make sure our boxes will arrive safely by placing a “Fragile” sticker on each package.
How does the sex doll feel?
Easy Love Sex Dolls skin are also realistically textured and molded internally to simulate the feel of a real human body. Nothing else comes close in terms of lifelike detailing and true-to-body craftsmanship. Through the quality of materials that we have used, we achieved tactile contact, suppleness and smoothness of the skin and extraordinary beauty of each body part the doll has. This hyper-realism enables you to position the doll into numerous positions and maintain natural appearance and feel. To make that possible, each doll is equipped with an articulated skeleton.
How long do the dolls last?
The materials we have chosen to make our dolls from are high quality and do not damage over time if a proper care has been taken. The silicone itself is durable, withstands extreme temperatures and is not likely to deform over time. However, you will find basic rules of use and care in our manuals. If you strictly follow them, your doll will accompany you for longer. It is not possible to give each doll a precisely defined lifetime based on the amount or usage of the doll differs between clients. But in the more extreme scenario, if a client were to use the doll, 3 times a day, every day, the doll would last 3 years or most without visible damage. It really depends on the way you take care of it, and often it is used.
We have performed many tests on the dolls. You will find them to be quite durable over time.
Not, it is not possible. We executed a series of tests to find out if the silicone is likely to deform. The highly durable silicone we have used for our Fantasy Dolls is not handled for some time. To ensure the doll is properly handled, never leave it sitting on a chair or directly exposed to the sunlight. Always place a pillow or a soft blanket underneath your doll.
What does the “hand skeletal” mean?
The hand skeletal technology enables the doll to hold light objects. Because of the flexible metal rods inside the silicone, all natural hand positions are possible. If this technology is not implemented inside the silicone, your doll’s hands will be “soft”.
Can I spray a perfume fragrance on my doll?
We highly recommend not spraying any perfume on your doll as the alcohol may damage the silicone of the doll. If you really want to scent your doll, spray it on areas which are not visible, such as behind the ears, the hair or preferably – on its clothing.
How to clean my doll after having sex?
After use, clean the inside of your doll’s vagina with warm water. For the removable vagina, first remove the vagina, then clean it with warm water. Let it dry and it’s ready for use.
Can I apply makeup on my doll’s face?
Yes, you can apply makeup on your doll’s face. You can use products such as lipstick, eye shadows, plush, mascara, etc. You should avoid lipgloss, as it inevitably will flow over the silicone of the doll. Our dolls are delicately made up with permanent make up. You can either apply some additional product of your choice, or simply order a doll with a natural face and no permanent makeup on it.
How fast will my doll arrive?
Your doll ships within 3-5 days, for package to arrive at your door in 8 to 10 days from order date. We send you notification with carrier and tracking information.

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