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January 26, 2017
Nichole (4’7” / 140cm)
January 26, 2017
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Lauren (5’5”/ 165cm)

Rated 4.40 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
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$2,598.00 $1,379.00

  • Height: 5ft 5in / 165cm
  • Bust Size: 46in
  • Weight: 32kg / 70lbs
  • Vagina Hole Size 18cm / 7 inches
  • Mouth Size: 13cm / 5 inches
  • Anal Size: 16cm / 6.5 inches

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*Easy Love Sex Dolls come with 3 holes (anal, vaginal, mouth). Toe and fingernails that are polished clear. Wig, and makeup. Removable vagina for easy cleaning. 1 Outfit (may not match photo). Also includes extra removable vagina, TPE Material, and Cleaning Kit.


Lauren’s skin has pure natural lustful and smooth feelings by touch. Her pretty face is sculptured by an experienced sculptor. This dolls will leave you with an experience you never have had before. The body joints are made of artificial multiplex metal by latest professional technology to ensure the limbs can be free to extend to create all sorts of poses.

She has a wonderful soft and smooth TPE skin. Touching it feels exactly like touching a young woman silky skin. See these 2 huge and beautiful boobs? Touching them is really thrilling: it really feels like if you are touching a really young & beautiful girl’s skin. Thanks to her metal skeleton, this doll is very flexible to use. You can move most of her limbs, and thanks to this metal frame the doll will stay in the position you put her in. Endless poses.

Fast and Reliable shipping right to your doorstep.

-Durable –you can use over and over again for a long time, not easy to be damaged.
-Lifelike –strictly in accordance with the correct scale molded into.
-Flexible –interface has a wide range of activities in the region.
-Security –on the human body is absolutely safe, non-toxic.
-No peculiar smell Material Japan latest scientific achievements of the simulation.
-Models are in accordance with human skin, make, genuine products, feel good, true to her skin.

Maintenance and Cleanliness:
1. Please do not use this doll for whose weight is more than 150kgs.
2. Please keep it away from the sharps.
3. Please keep it away from the ink goods like newspaper etc.
4. Please wear light colored clothes for it.
5. Please keep it away from direct sunshine.
6. Please keep it away from kids and animals.
7. Please clean and sterilize it before or after use.
8. Please put some sex lubricant into its holes during use.
9. Please do not keep high limit poses via skeleton and joints for long time.
10.Please wash its body by soap or bath foam every 30 days and keep its head away from water.
11.Please clean its face via wet towel.
12.Please dry it via towel and put some baby power on its skin after cleaning.
13.Please use the hot towel of less than 60 degree to cover its skin for 10 minutes if it have wrinkles on its skin.
13.Please clean and dry it by the wet towel and use glue to repair it if it have some little damage on its skin.


Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Lauren (5’5”/ 165cm)

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    La muñeca está echa de buena calidad. Me gusta que te responden en español. Mis amigos van ha estar selosos cuento les cuente, Gracias.

  2. Rated 3 out of 5


    Okay bye

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gene Audry

    This will be a positive review. In time purchase.I like the leather the sex toy arrived in. Nice skin tone and great realistic legs. One of the better dolls sites. I always buy when active in SMedia.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Good company with quality sex dolls products, anonymous billing and shipping. has social media sites on Facebook and Twitter. User friendly site. Quick customer response. Registered company with good standing history.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Quin L.

    Lauren doll arrived in a sealed package. She feels so good. I can’t stree the realistic look on these dolls. They sure make them good. This hot doll from Easy Love arrived in like 10 days or so, alot quicker than the last website. Overall a happy purchase.

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