Sex Doll - The History And Future Of Sex Dolls

  • Sex Dolls were originally introduced in the seventeenth century for mariners
  • During the nineteenth century Industrial Revolution sex dolls made out of plastic and rubber were seen for the first time
  • Silicone sex dolls arrived on the market in the 70's
  • From 2010 there was a big drop in price of sex dolls owing to the new material TPE
  • Artificial intelligence based ultra realistic robot sex dolls are now available! Visit our ROBOT DOLLS page

All through history, one of the biggest challenges of sailors was the lack of sex on their long voyages. That being said, it is pretty much obvious that on their arrival at a seaport after a long trip, they are quite often very sexually ungratified and some of them race to the closest brothel to gratify themselves. Nonetheless, in the seventeenth century, some innovative ship captains came up with a unique idea to resolve this issue: they took the world first sex dolls on the ship, so as to give the sailors a chance to gratify their sexual hunger during the voyage. Although very primitive, these first love dolls were wonderfully usable and sailors enjoyed them fully.

During the 19th century, when the second industrial revolution ended, industrial technology developed at a rapid pace and led to the creation of novel objects using plastic and rubber materials. Several factory owners, thrilled by the new potentialities brought by technological advancement, chose to use their new machines to create the first plastic love dolls. The production was pretty much limited in number, and targeted at a small elite of ultra rich customers. The aesthetic appeal of the dolls far exceeded the previous generation, that the sailors used, nonetheless, the challenges were still there to create faces to look more lifelike. These items were launched under the name of “Parisian rubber articles”

Throughout WWII reports claim Germany made a huge number of inflatable sex dolls for the military. Of course, it was assumed that Germany wanted to offer a substitute for sex to their soldiers, to try abstain them from engaging in sexual relations with non-Aryan women, in occupied territories. While Germany presumably had the resources and technology needed to make these dolls, there’s nothing to substantiate this information and it is thought to be a joke.

In the coming decades, the industry at last took off with many companies beginning to produce inflatable dolls. This became possible due to availability of abundant cheap oil and plastic materials. These inflatable dolls beat the "Parisian rubber articles" in terms of quality and, were very easy to transport; however at the same time they were not very realistic.

Since these inflatable dolls weren’t realistic enough, some other entrepreneurs made up their mind to drop the idea of inflatable love dolls and chose to produce solid ones instead. To fill the inside, cotton and related materials were used. These dolls exceeded in quality from the ones produced earlier, and the market picked up speed, with an ever increasing number of people wanting to buy sex dolls. Because these new dolls looked much lifelike they began to be called real doll. These dolls normally have implanted electronics for groaning during sexual intercourse, along with heating system for the skin, that can be as warm as 98.6°F (37°C), like a real women. It’s a common practice to ship these products with real women clothes, and for customers to dress their dolls as though they’re real. Some relating with common sexual fantasies: nurse, schoolgirl, flight attendant, teacher, etc.

Culturally, although the sex doll market boomed the past few years, the public isn’t aware about its existence. In a few countries, like, Japan, love dolls are quite common and known. In Japan, you can not only simply buy them, but also lease them. In prominent locales, for example, Tokyo or Osaka you can find sex doll hotels where a doll waits for you in your room. Customers can give them a shower, spend the night and also enjoy all sorts of sexual fantasies with their doll. While sex dolls have spread all over the world, they still are prohibited in a few countries, like, India or some Muslim nations.

The Future of the Sex Doll Industry

The sex doll industry is budding and going through a very dynamic phase of expansion. Artificial intelligence sex robots are equipped with much more capabilities. More people are being attracted to this new concept. Today, Ai sex dolls robots come with embedded electronics. There are companion dolls on the market that can groan and moan and move when having sex, just like a real woman. In future we will likely see more sex robots in the market with increasing benefits and technological advances. The next generation dolls have arrived with the capability to actually listen, talk and move like a real person. Artificial intelligence Sex Robot Dolls can learn from it’s owner, like favorite sex positions and use this info to give more personalized sex experience and become more intelligent. An exciting future awaits the sex dolls industry, and we are just at the threshold of an amazing journey!

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